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I am an upper elementary teacher who loves reading and sharing books with my students and fellow educators.


True (. . . Sort Of)

True (. . . Sort Of) - Katherine Hannigan I stayed up late on a school night to finish this one. I was drawn in from the start by the tone of the book and dedication "For the children who don't speak and for those who hear them anyway, and make a safe place", and picked it up every chance I could. All the main characters felt very real to me and I was rooting for them to find their way, their empathy for others, and their own voices. There is no graphic violence, but (spoiler alert) there is definitely an abusive situation that we come to realize includes physical violence and has had a profound affect on one of the characters we grow to love. I would be comfortable with most of my 5th graders reading this as I think the story unfolds in a way that will help them to become more empathetic toward many different kids in their lives. Grades 5+ Read May, 2014